My name is Tracy Alissa Levy (or @TrayLev on the social feeds). I am a photographer, videographer, and producer. 

I am endlessly fascinated with humans, their stories, and telling those stories through photos, videos, audio, and the written word. I’ve been lucky enough to break bread with people across the world (New Zealand, Zambia, India, Jordan, and Indonesia are some of my favorite past trips) and have called Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Houston, Boston, and New York City my home base at various points in my life. 

While based in Israel from 2008-2018, I worked as a journalist and editor for, as well as in TV news and documentary film. I was lucky enough to join NYU's Studio 20 Program, where I studied journalism and new media (MA, 2012).

Other fun facts about me: I practice yoga every day and am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. I love to read and obsessively follow current events, politics, and the media. There are few things that bring me as much joy as trying foreign and new (to me) cuisines, accompanied by my lovely rag-tag pack of friends scattered across several continents. 

Currently based in LA, I produce the podcast Under The Hood, which takes a deep dive into womanHOOD, sisterHOOD, and motherHOOD. Give it a listen here! 

Contact Me

In the USA: 617-388-9816

In Israel: +972-052-334-5421

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